Sunday, 27 August 2017

The black sheep... and it's goodbye from me!

'The black sheep' - acrylic on canvas 20 x 20cm

I've decided that this is going to be my last blog post.  It was actually a bit more of an appropriate blog title when I had the idea because initially I was going to call this painting 'At the end of the day' which would lead nicely into me waxing lyrical about the sun setting on my blog. Then I decided to call it 'The black sheep' which, in fairness, doesn't really work. 

Reference photo taken by S, as always

The point is, I just don't have the time or will to write a blog post every week the way I used to do. I loved blogging at the beginning and I'll always be thankful for the artistic journey it's taken me on and how it has kept me motivated to keep on creating and sharing those creations online. I will also always be grateful for the many wonderful people I've met through blogging and blog-hops and definitely Paint Party Friday and I will still visit those folks online in one social media arena or another.  

I just don't think that blogging is what it used to be for me and needing to be more efficient with my time, it's just much easier to post my art to Instagram than to spend the required time creating new blog posts each week when so few people ever stumble across my blog to read them.

So, thank you to everyone who's followed my blog over the years and please do come and say hello on Facebook or Instagram as I'll still be there touting my artistic endeavors! 


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