Sunday, 5 March 2017

Lapses in time...

So, it's been nearly a month and half since I last blogged and I swear just now when I logged into Blogger I saw a tumbleweed blow slowly across my laptop screen!!

Anyway, following John's query about where I was recently, I thought I would pop by with a wee update on what's been happening the last few weeks.

So, this is what's what in my world right now:

Current Part-time jobs - still two - the animal shelter asked me to do another three months (on my last day working there in January!) I couldn't say no because I love it although, honestly, I was a little gutted that I'm still working two jobs and not back in my art shed - if the Universe is listening, thanks for the extension but if you could make it a permanent part-time position rather than just keep extending it, that would be great!

Trips back to Ireland - one - I went home for a week at the start of February and it was so lovely to catch up with my friends and family and to not have to get up at 5.50 every morning to walk the dogs before work and to just sit around and do literally nothing. 

A night out with friends

and family

Have I done anything arty since my last post - yes - I didn't take any art materials back to Ireland with me but actually got such an urge to sketch, which I never really do, that I actually bought a cheep sketchbook and colour pencils and I ended up sketching two ideas for the spirit animal paintings I've been doing (very slowly) for the last year or so! I'll turn these into paintings at some point. 

Unicorn/rocking horse sketch

Raven sketch

Current works in progress - one - the next in the river rocks paintings, the one with the marbles which will be titled 'Lost', is currently sitting on my easel and I'm making slooow progress. 

work still very much in progress

Technology - friend or foe - right now it's a foe. I'm doing a time lapse of my current painting and I seem to have spent what precious painting time I do have fighting with technology. 

The GoPro camera is set up to take so many photos a second which it needs to do so it flows smoothly as a complete time lapse video - if you don't take enough snaps per second it can end up a bit stuttery and jumpy (at least that is what S tells me and he's the expert). The problem is that it seems to be filling up the 64g memory card ridiculously quickly - I only managed to get about four hours of painting in on Friday before the card was full and when I went to move the images onto the computer so I could use the card again, there were so many it said it would take 1 hour and 50 minutes to move them! That's time that I should have spent painting but because I've already committed to the time lapse I want to see it through to the end of the painting and so I had to stop painting until I could empty the memory card again as S was away and I couldn't find another memory card to use. I'm sure it's all just teething problems and I'll find a way (or rather S will find a way) to make it work better for me but right now it's just a pain in the art!

my GoPro Foe!

New Art tools - two - the GoPro for my time lapse videos (not strictly an art tool but that's what it'll be used for, and a new Mahl Stick. I've been after one for a while but all the ones I looked at seemed to have suede leather toppers and I wanted something that didn't come from an animal.  It was thanks to a review about this particular one complaining that it wasn't real suede that meant I was able to go ahead and buy this one. Perhaps the seller would be better to describe it honestly as faux suede so that folk who want real get real and those who want faux know it's faux!

My GoPro in place and my 'faux suede' mahl stick!!

Well, that's about it. I discovered a #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge on Instagram run by a designer and illustrator, Joanne Hawker, and each day there is a prompt to post about. I'm taking part as I'm hoping it'll be a good way to inspire arty things and also to discover some lovely new creatives online. It's not too late if you want to join in.


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