About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog. I'm Nicola McLean. I'm a Northern Irish artist lucky enough to be living in a country cottage in the far north of Scotland with my husband, our westies, Reuben and Brodie and our rescue cat, Lily.

My passion in life, apart from art, is animals. When Reuben and Brodie joined our family in 2009 I became much more aware of all things animal which led to me becoming first vegetarian & then vegan. I volunteer at a local animal shelter (from whence came Lily) and will never grow bored with the abundance of wild life right on our doorstep in the Scottish Highlands.  

I'm inspired by the depth & soul in an animal's eyes & am equally in thrall with the natural beauty of this planet we inhabit.  The skies up here are massive and provide some amazing sunrises and sunsets, and I'm more than a little obsessed with the Northern Lights, which we're very lucky to be able to see this far north when the conditions are right. 

When it comes to painting, I prefer to leave reality in the reference photo and let my imagination and vibrant palette take over rather than try to replicate what nature has already perfected. 

Recently I have been experimenting with a little bit of surrealism. As part of my advanced reiki training in the summer of 2015, I painted a piece inspired by my own personal reiki journey (a method of universal energy healing) and that has opened up a new dimension to my art taking it in a more surreal direction while still indulging my love for the wonder of the northern skies, animals and nature. This has lead to me painting a series of Spirit Animals which you'll see develop here on my blog.

I hope you'll enjoy my art, my ramblings about our adventures and (sometimes) my eco-rants about the things that get me up on my soapbox and I will always be grateful if you take the time to pop by and leave a comment or two!

The images shown on this blog are the sole property of the artist (that's me!). Please respect my copyright.


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